Automatic Investments

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Automatic Investments

The Challenge

I was asked to design a product that would allow customers to transfer funds from external accounts and invest them on a regular basis.


This required connecting and synchronizing several different systems, from external institutions to our internal books & records system.


I was given the following diagram as a starting point:

My Role

I attended extensive operations meetings to understand how the various systems would interact, and what the limitations would be.


I created a sitemap and wireframes based on these operational discussions. The discussions were aided immensely by a running set of design documents as reference.

The Result

My wireframes guided the front-end developers, aided the integration of the back-end systems, and were the primary reference for QA testing.


The new platform provides better tools for our call centers, better support for our customers, and substantial savings for the company.


The new design provides all available customer information in a single view.

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