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Balances Page

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Balances Page

The Challenge

In late 2003, E*TRADE upgraded their Books and Records infrastructure, which provided real-time data as well as a more granular break-down of funds.


This necessitated an overhaul of the existing balances page. A project was initiated to update the existing displays to accommodate the new data.

Example of existing page

Balances Page Existing Design

My Role

After reading an early draft of the Business Requirements Document, I met with the Product Manager to discuss design approach and functionality.


We agreed that the page should display two sets of balances; 'start of day' and 'real-time', to accurately reflect intra-day transactions. It should also exist in a collapsed and expanded form, to accommodate the full range of customer profiles.


I created wireframes to illustrate my solution - they were used in discussions with Technology teams and to get initial approval for our approach.

Balances Page Wireframe

The Result

Because of the proposed interactivity and high-visibility of this page, I hand-coded a set of HTML prototypes to better convey the expand/collapse and start of day/real-time displays for executive review.


The prototype helped gain high-level approval and the project was launched in March of 2004.

Screenshot of fully functional prototype

Balances Page Live Site Screenshot
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