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Auto Loans

The Challenge

Overhaul the existing online application; streamline the user experience with a mobile-responsive design (page layout expands and contracts to support a range of devices).

Original design required users to decipher red text and disabled fields in order to proceed.

My Role

I used Axure to create a fully-functional, high-fidelity prototype.

The Adaptive Views feature allows designers to set break-points for each layout.

Using variables to capture user inputs and control dynamic displays made the experience as accurate as possible to the finished product.

The ability to see each interaction across the whole application flow greatly improved review sessions with our Business Partners.

Usability Testing was performed using the prototype, which was further refined based on user feedback.

The Result

The streamlined experience uses progressive disclosure to present only the fields necessary for the user's specific situation.

It provides contextual guidance and field hints to guide the user forward to completion, rather than error messages to force the user backward for correction.

The new flow determines what type of loans the user is interested in, then lists the information the customer will need to complete the application.

Once completed, the application clearly sets customer expectations and spells out next steps.

Six months after project kick-off, the new application was launched nation-wide, booking over $50 million in the first month.

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